Friends of Haines

Our Mission

Raise funds necessary to supplement John C. Haines Elementary School's operating budget. Friends of Haines (FOH) understands the importance of the fundamental needs for our children and their futures.

籌集必要的資金以補充興氏小學的運營預算。 興氏小學之友(FOH)了解我們的孩子及其未來的基本需求的重要性

Giving Tuesday! 捐獻星期二

Friends of Haines and Student Council presents: 興氏學校之友和學生會合辦法

Giving Tuesday! 捐獻星期二

A one day only movement 只一天的活動

What is Giving Tuesday? 什麼是是捐獻星期二

It is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities.


What do I give on Giving Tuesday? 我怎樣支持捐獻星期二

Any amount of money is greatly appreciated.


What will my donation do for Haines? 我的捐獻怎樣幫助興氏學校?

All donations go directly to school improvements and sponsoring programs at Haines.


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