About FOH

supporting our children

Friends of Haines (FOH) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit fundraising organization whose primary mission is to raise the funds necessary to supplement John C. Haines Elementary School's operating budget. FOH understands the importance of educating our children and the funding gaps that exists limiting access to resources and programs that aim to provide the fundamental needs for our children's futures.

興氏之友 (FOH)是501(c)(3)免税的非营利性筹款组织,其主要任务是筹集必要的资金以补充興氏小学的运营预算。 FOH理解教育對我們的孩子的重要性。教育资金的缺乏令孩子們無法接受到他們獲得教育的基本需求。


FOH will hold several fundraising events throughout the year as well as coordinates and assists with school events and activities . The FOH community consists of everyone committed to supporting fundraising efforts to support the children of John C. Haines Elementary.

FOH将在全年举行几次筹款活动,并协调和协助学校的各項活动。 FOH由致力于支持筹款活动的所有人组成。我們的目的是支持興氏小學的全部學生。

Monique Langston

President 主席

Marissa Warren

Director of Communications 資訊總監

May Cheung

Communications and Public Relations Committee Member